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Tunneler M is a free, online, co-op/multiplayer PvP game, inspired by the original Tunneler created by Geoffrey Silverton.

Tunneler M is easy to play - the game has two stages:

  1. Digging Phase: Dig around the map using the arrow keys and create tunnels to find your opponents. In this phase you can't shoot.
  2. Fighting Phase: Traverse the tunnels you made and shoot up your opponent (using X to shoot) before he does the same to you! In this phase you can't create new tunnels.

The only resource in this game is your Energy, denoted by the red bar above your tank. Once your Energy reaches zero, you die. You lose energy by digging or getting hit by a bullet, and you gain energy by being inside an ally's house.

Have fun playing!

Note: As of right now the servers are not online as I don't have a place to host them.


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I tried digging this project up again but it doesn't really work well and the code is super spaghetti so I'll probably scrap this. sorry!

BUT: I might consider remaking it with a friend in the future.

Is there any chance the server files for this game could be supplied? I've been wanting to play tunneler online for a long time, but I understan that hosting servers for a game isn't exactly a great financial proposition.